Twenty years... and more!

It is with abundant pride and equal amounts of humility that we take this opportunity to recognize two outstanding members of the Dodson Boatyard team. It has often been said that a company’s most valuable assets are its employees. The two men we recognize here are indeed exceptional examples of this truth.



                                                                                         DAVE BOISVERT - 20 YEARS


Dave joined DBY in 1998. From the beginning he set an example for work ethic, competence, reliability, and positivity. His primary responsibility is as the Yard’s lead equipment operator. More specically that means operating the Travelifts and hydraulic trailers that move and locate the vessels that DBY handles. Think about it. Such work entails an awesome burden reected by the condition, quality and value of these boats. It is not easy but over his 20 years with DBY Dave has performed this work with exceptional, professional skill. Of course, other tasks have been requested of Dave over time, including rigging and carpentry assignments among others, and true to his character he never responded by saying, “that’s not in my job description” but rather worked willingly outside of such boundaries. Dave lives in Foster, RI on his family farm and makes the 45+ minute drive to Stonington in all weather. His passion is his 18’ Marshall Catboat MELINA, which he sails out of Wickford, RI, but only when he isn’t working on her. It may be the most perfect Marshall in existence.



                                                                                        STEVE KINGSLAND - 40 YEARS


No one is more refective of the institution that Dodson Boatyard has become than Steve Kingsland. 40 years! Unbelievable! And those 40 years have not been spent in an ofce but rather much of it on the water overseeing the harbor of Stonington. While Steve’s skill set is varied and diverse, including marine carpentry and rigging, above all else Steve has managed and maintained the “harbor hardware” (i.e., the moorings) for most of his tenure. Currently that involves some 112 DBY moorings in addition to approximately 85 private moorings. He is meticulous in his record keeping noting the specics of the various mooring components, their condition, dates of installation and/or inspections. His knowledge of the harbor is unparalleled and invaluable. Steve hails from Australia though recently became a U.S. citizen. He is an accomplished and experienced seaman and has painstakingly rebuilt his classic Herreshoff Fish Class sailboat SHAD, along with its tender ROBOAT. He is well-read, articulate, thoughtful, always polite and a pleasure to work with. Steve is a long-time resident of Stonington with his wife of many years, Barbara.


Dodson Boatyard has a tradition of gifting a Rolex watch to employees who achieve a 20 year tenure.

Today, Dave Boisvert will receive his.  Steve Kingsland has had one for some time now so perhaps it’s time for the most highly sought after Rolex, the Submariner with champagne sapphire and diamond face! We are proud and grateful to have had both of these gentlemen with us for the past many years and hope you will join us in thanking and congratulating them.