Welcome Back!

When an employee voluntarily leaves Dodson Boatyard, we use our old adage “Oh, you’ll be back.”


Amy Cochran started work at Dodson in 1980 as a dock girl at age 16.  She became a launch driver at age 17 and she worked in the yard hauling and launching with a Travelift boat hoist or the 16 ton fork truck.  She was with us until she graduated from Connecticut College.  She then drifted off to work at other area boatyards.  She ran her own varnish company for 15 years.


On November 1, 2018 Amy came back to Dodson to head up our seven person year round full time varnish department.  Amy is highly skilled and very knowledgeable concerning all aspects of boats.  In addition to managing our Varnish Department, Amy is a boat handler on land or water, head of quality control, but most importantly an outstanding person and we welcome her back to our team. 

Welcome Back Amy!